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Hello, I’m Claire, Founder of The Muma Hub. I live in Surrey with my husband, our son Quinn and our daughter Maeve.

Following a decade of working in the charity sector, I left in early 2018 to give birth to our daughter and that’s when I became familiar with the power of Hypnobirthing.

I had experienced quite a distressing start to labour with my firstborn and I was left feeling terrified about the prospect of giving birth for the second time. I knew I needed to find a way of changing my mindset and focus on preparing myself for a calm and positive birth. I didn’t want to let fear take the moment away from me.  Initially I was quite sceptical but Hypnobirthing practices completely transformed my outlook on birth. It enabled me to understand the mind/body connection, in a way no other antenatal class had done before. My newfound knowledge enabled me to feel calm, ready and even excited for my surges to begin and the birth that followed was everything I had hoped it would be.

After two extremely different experiences of birth and realising the power of positive thinking I’m now passionate about supporting and empowering women to own their birth experiences, whatever journey they choose. I also support birth partners to understand their role and realise they play such an integral part in the birth.