Birth Pool Hire

Mini Birth pool in a box for hire  - £125

Birth Pool in a Box is recommended by midwives and a popular choice for women looking for a safe comfortable pool that’s easy to assemble and pack away.

Available for 4 weeks – drop off and collection available within a 10 mile radius of GU16.

The birth pool is made from eco-friendly material and has handles perfectly positioned to help you control your movement in labour.

The internal seat is great for adopting different positions during labour and can offer a comfortable position after birth while bonding with your newborn.  Its oval shape is perfectly proportioned for labour and birth.

Inflating takes max 15mins using an electric pump. To fill your pool with water, a new hosepipe will be provided, which is connected to your tap with a tap connector. There are two sizes available.  Filling time varies but would allocate at least 90mins.  As a guide, the pool holds about 2.5 bath fulls of water. 

Includes: Sizing Info:

  • Non-toxic 10 Metre Filling Hose
  • Tap connectors
  • Waterbirth Thermometer - To monitor water temperature.
  • Fully submersible Strainer - Use before emptying pool.
  • Non-slip Floor Mat
  • Premium Anti-Slip Floor Cover
  • Electric Submersible Water Pump
  • Electric inflate/deflate pump
  • Size: 165cm x 145cm (externally).
  • Weight (when filled): 487kgs.
  • Depth: 66cms.
  • 55cms to the max. fill line.
  • Water Capacity: 480 litres of water.
  • The equivalent of 2/3 baths.
  • Features: Seat, cup holder & inflatable floor. 
  • Safety: Made from 3 individual rings. If you puncture a ring, the other two rings will retain the water so that your home does not flood.

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You accept responsibility of the pool at time of collection/delivery and are required to confirm any issues within 48 hours of receiving. 

The pool will need to be cleaned and dried before it is returned and will be cleaned again by me before its re-hired.

I provide a brand new branded liner and hosepipe for every new client. 

Those items can be discarded after use.