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The Muma Hub classes empower you to have an informed birth, covering logical birth preparation tools & techniques to enhance your knowledge, giving you & your birth partner the confidence to own your birth experience, enabling you to feel calm and relaxed. 


I am proud to have trained with & teach The Little Birth Company Programmes, The Little Birth Company Complete Hypnobirthing Programme is everything you need to prepare for a positive birth, regardless of where or how you give birth.  Birthing in a Midwifery Led Unit, Birth centre, Home or Obstetric Unit, Hypnobirthing has your back.


Accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine 

full 8 hour hypnobirthing course


the course will cover: 

the basic physiology of birth 

fear release 

relaxation techniques 

promotion of birthing hormones 


birth preferences preparation

knowledge & confidence to navigate birth 

positions for birth


​investment - £210

pregnancy relaxation

the muma hub pregnancy relaxation course created by The Little Birth Company allows you to take time out to bond with your baby before they arrive.


calm weekly sessions guiding you through breathwork & guided relaxation. Focusing on a different birth topic each week. ​

investment - £60.00

Positive Cesarean Workshop 

This workshop is here to support a woman and her birth partner in planning for a positive elective caesarean birth. 


the course will cover: 

what to expect before during & after

fear release 

relaxation techniques 

birth choices

how to work together with caregivers for a calm, gentle experience

promotion of hormones for bonding & feeding 


navigating your pregnancy & birth journey 

recovery - top tips

investment  - £95 

Mindful Breastfeeding Supporter 

as a mindful breastfeeding supporter I can offer a helping hand to women embarking on their breastfeeding journey, in preparation for baby's arrival.  

the course will cover:    

understanding how breastfeeding works 

positioning for mum & baby 

the mind/body connection 

the importance of relaxation 

creating a family plan for the early weeks

guided relaxation

journaling, affirmations & breathwork

investment - £30

All hypnobirthing & pregnancy relaxation courses include 

Ongoing support via email/ text and phone until the birth of your baby 

Positive affirmations 

Guided relaxation MP3s

The Muma Hub goodie bag 

Access to closed Facebook community group  

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