the muma hub hypnobirthing 

for many people their birth is one of the most powerful & emotional experiences they will ever go through.  becoming aware of your body & trusting your instincts during this time should be a natural process but so many of us develop feelings of fear & self doubt.

after experiencing a challenging birth with my first baby I was apprehensive for the second & needed to find a way of changing my perception.

for me hypnobirthing was a game changer… 

a simple set of tools & techniques enabling me to release my fears, gain control of my mind & body & stay calm & in control. 


In, 2019 I became a certified hypnobirthing practitioner with The Little Birth Company & i'm so happy to teach their modern, easy to follow programme, supporting all mums-to-be with logical birth preparation tips & techniques to enhance your knowledge, giving you & your birth partner the confidence to take ownership of your birth experience.  

the muma hub hypnobirthing & pregnancy relaxation classes offer you an easy to follow birth education created by The Little Birth Company.  the tools & techniques you will learn will give you the knowledge & confidence to own your birth experience.


I will guide you through hypnobirthing techniques, relaxations & breath work to enable you to release any fears, worries or anxieties, giving you space & time to connect with your emotions for birth.  our aim together is to get you feeling prepared for your birth experience with excitement & confidence.


my hypnobithing package covers: 

the basic physiology of birth 

fear release 

relaxation techniques 

promotion of birthing hormones 


birth preferences preparation

knowledge & confidence to navigate birth 


Please note, due to social distancing procedures classes are now delivered online.

please contact me via email or phone with any questions, or to make a booking.