What can I offer you as your doula...

Supporting you in birth

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As your birth doula i'll offer you my unwavering support and guidance throughout your pregnancy and during birth, this may be emotional, physical, or  informational.  Together we can create a personalised birth that aligns with your vision, researching choices and enabling informed decsions. I'll create a sacred space where you feel heard, supported, and in control of your birthing choices. I also offer a discount on my hypnobirthing & birth preparation courses for all birthing clients.

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During our time together we will also look at a post-natal plan, making sure you feel well supported as you enter into the 4th trimester. 

I can offer an initial meet and greet to say hello and get to know each other better before you hire me as part of your birth team.  It's important that you and your partner feel relaxed and comfortable in my company.


“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” – John H. Kennell, MD




The weeks after birth (4th trimester) are just as important as your pregnancy. 

​My role as your postnatal doula covers everything from debriefing your birth, holding your baby whilst you shower, supporting you to understand your baby’s early needs establishing feeding, or just take some time for you. My time with you also includes domestic support, such as, meal prep, laundry etc. I'm there to be an extra pair of hands if your partner goes back to work, or if you have other children at home. 

I am also able to offer over night support, up to two nights a week or on an adhoc basis, should you need to catch up on sleep.

For as long as you need, I can be by your side, offering a warm, understanding and non-judgemental listening ear, guiding you into those early days of parenthood, giving you time to heal, to bond and cherish those first few weeks and months. 

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers… strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” - 

Barbara Katz Rothman

See Doula Packages and Prices below:

(Payment plans available)

I'm currentley working as a mentored doula whilst I await my Doula UK recognition. This means that I recieve the support and guidance of somone more experienced  while I'm supporting you, meaning you get double the doula love. 

What you get... 

  • 2 x antenatal sessions where I can meet you and your birth partner, get to know you both and find out how you’d like to birth your baby. We’ll discuss your options, using evidence based guidance to help you make the choices that work for you. 
  • 1 x doula date - either meeting up for a walk, or a coffee... an opportunity to really get to know each other minus the birth chat. (partners also welcome) 
  • 1x postnatal planning session - looking at readying you for life with a newborn, emotionally and physically. 
  • 1x postnatal follow up (within the first 2 weeks after your baby is born) 
  • On -call period begins at 38 weeks until you give birth and will stay with you from the point of being contacted until you are ready for me to leave. 
  • From the point of booking I am available to you to call or message with any questions or queries. 

  • A listening ear and a post-birth debrief session,
  • Caring for your baby so you can sleep, shower, eat. 
  • Take your baby out for a walk in a carrier/ pram so you can rest or accompany you on your first trips out. 
  • Breastfeeding support 
  • Breathwork & Relaxation session 
  • Offering guidance on expressing / bottle feeding / steralising 
  • Meal preparation such as lunch/ evening meal or batch cooking 
  • Light housework, kitchen clean, laundry, general hover and tidy, 

Please enquire for package availability and pricing. 

"After my birth circumstances changed we approached Claire to be our doula. We had previously experienced a loss and a traumatic experience postnatally, so I was carrying a huge amount of fear into this birth. 

Claire listened without judgement and signposted me to get further support via someone she knew that did the three step rewind programme.  During our birth she was empathetic, kind and also gave me the encouragement I needed at times when I felt I couldn’t continue. She said and did exactly what I needed, when I needed it without me asking.”