“A doula believes in “mothering the mother” – enabling a woman to have feel confident and empowered during her pregnancy, birth and the early days as a new parent.”  Nurtring Birth Doulas

Close friends holding hands at home on t



during birth

As your birth doula I would support you & your birth partner to understand the birthing processes, signposting you to evidence based information in order to help you to plan for an empowered & positive birth experience. 

During our pre-natal visits we can discuss your aspirations for birth, making a plan that’s right for you.  We will discuss comfort measures, relaxation & discuss your chosen birth environment. We will also look at a post-natal plan, making sure you feel supported into the 4th trimester. 


I can offer an initial meet & greet to say hello & get to know each other better before you hire me as part of your birth team.  It's important that you & your partner feel relaxed & comfortable in my company.


The weeks after birth (4th trimester) are just as important as your pregnancy. 

As your postnatal doula, I will offer you the time to

rest & recover from your birth, I can support you to understand your baby’s needs & establish feeding, should you require that. 


I will be there to provide you with an extra pair of hands if your partner goes back to work, or if you have other children at home. I can offer practical help around the home, run errands & accompany you on your first trips into the world. 


I will be by your side, offering a warm, understanding and non-judgemental listening ear, guiding you into those early days of parenthood. 


what can I offer you as your doula