Hello, I'm Claire...

I’m Claire and I run The Muma Hub. I became passionate about supporting women and their families after the birth of my second baby.   It was only then that I realised just how little I knew about birth with my first and how, with a bit of knowledge and self belief, my experience could have been very different.

Second time around I wasn’t taking any chances. Understanding more about the physiological process of birth, learning to connect to my breath, relax my mind and body and follow my instincts enabled me to have a truly empowering labour and one that would subsequently change the course of my career.

Since then I’ve gone on to support many women. I am in awe of the physiological and emotional processes that women embark upon as they enter motherhood.

My aim is to support you to ultimatley have a better birth experience, to make informed choices for your birth, your baby and your postpartum phase, whilst having confidence in doing so. 

I offer support to women and families through birth preparation courses, doula support and breathwork sessions, that support emotional wellness in motherhood.

I believe that birth preparation is holistic, its not just about understanding the physiological process but considering how the mind is connected also.  

"Women all over the world give birth everyday and I can help you to trust your own innate ability to do the same."

As a mum of three and an experienced birth and postnatal  practitioner, I get it. The concerns of pregnancy, giving birth and becoming new parents can really take its toll. My role is to reassure and support you, to navigate the maternity system, to walk beside you in those early weeks and months and be there still when you need support in the later stages too.   

"Our experience with Claire was brilliant. It took us a while to actually start due to COVID, but Claire was really flexible and shared with me some reading to do over Christmas. She was always happy to answer questions, made us feel really at ease and explained everything in a really easy to understand why. I definitely went in to labour a lot more prepared than I would have been. When our birth plan took a different turn and we were planned to be induced, Claire sourced positive induction birth stories for me and made me feel really supported in my decision. Nick started Hypnobirthing slightly sceptical as to what he would get out of it, but credits it with understanding the labour process and now recommends it to other dads to be!

We were really happy with everything and wouldn't hesitate to contact Claire again should we be lucky enough to have a second baby."

Claire & Nick