Support as you move through motherhood.

Guided Breathwork

Breathwork is a practice that involves conscious & intentional movement of the breath to achieve various physical, mental,       & emotional benefits.

My sessions offer a range of techniques & styles that focus on breath awareness, control, and regulation...

  • Calm Breathing - moving you into a state of rest and digest
  • Conscious Connected Breathing - promoting deep relaxation, heightened awareness, & emotional release 
  • Heart Coherance Breathing - connecting you to present moment. 

At its core, breathwork recognizes the profound connection between the breath and our overall well-being. When we learn how to optimise the breath the results can be transformational.

*Please note due to the Conscious Connected Breathing technique, this class isn't suitable for anyone with epilepsy, who's pregnant or has a serious cardiovascular health issue. 

Guided Breathwork Sessions

This monthly class is a tonic for mind, body and soul and will support the release of trapped emotions, stress and tension. Create space in your mind and connect you back to yourself.

Consisting of three amazing breathwork techniques, you will be guided through the process of calming down your nervous system, clearing stress and unprocessed emotion from your body and connecting back to the present moment.

Monthly sessions delivered at The Education Cabin, Lightwater Country Park. 

£15 per class

This immersive session is an opportunity to be guided through a personalised breathwork journey,  allowing you the space & sefety to go as deep as you need & feel comfortable going. Opening up & releasing trapped emotions, stress, tension & energetic blockages. 

Beginning the first session with breath assesment, this allows me to tailor the breathing teqniques to your individual needs. You will also be given a personalised programme for your own practice, based on the key areas you're looking to work on. 

The guided element & the techniques used may vary depending on your intentions for the session.  As you move deeper into the practice, emotions & sensations may start to rise & feelings of moving energy will flow through the body. 

This breathwork phase is followed by a guided meditation to ground you back into the present moment. 

My intention for our session is to hold a safe space for you to let go and release. 


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